May 14, 2015


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Ally Gong Fashion Blogger Photography by Ryan Chua-3189_

Glasses FREYRS // Maxidress F21 // Satchel Yesstyle

Me and Ryan Chua paused outside a small Chanel shop on the outskirts of Union Square to snap a few of these outfit pictures. This style is a little different from what I normally wear, and draws from a few different inspirations. I’ve been dabbling in more basic, neutral colored clothing pieces. This dress fits into that category; it’s got a simple shape and the fabric is a standard dark gray. I do always like to throw in a few eccentric touches every once in a while, so I accessorized with a black choker (which I rarely wear), big glasses, and a Japanese schoolbag. Of course we can’t forget the socks with heels! ;)

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May 12, 2015

Into the Wild

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ally gong into the wild outfit

Jeans Hollister Tank Top Hollister  Clutch LV

Kate Spade launched it’s May collection, encouraging it’s customers to “Take a Walk on the Wild Side.” Yes, I have started working sales at Kate Spade. Yes, it has been keeping me busy. Yes, it is the best senior year job ever! And yes, most of my income goes back to buying things from the store. ^^”

This outfit is somewhat inspired by the May collection collection, which features a lot of flamingo, elephant, and spinoff leopard print. My ensemble is much more muted however.

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May 9, 2015

A Journey with Books

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ally gong asian girl cute mug reading book inspiration milan kundera ignorance

Today I wanted to share with my blog readers something that has given me constant solace and inspiration over the years. I love to read. I would no longer consider myself an avid reader, but reading will always be one of my favorite things to do, much preferred over cinema, social media, and sometimes even going out. I sometimes don’t have the patience to follow the pace of movies and television and always end up skipping around. But I can read at my own pace, and I will burn through good books.

Books are something that do not expect anything, but have boundless knowledge and emotion to offer. In the same way that I look to nature to alleviate some of worries, I look to books to reopen my eyes to our staggering world. That, by effect, diminishes some of my perceived problems.

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May 7, 2015

Prom 2015

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ally gong asian hairstyle senior prom black gown

It was the most wonderful night, a period of reflection accompanied by a stunning city view, and the beginning of the end. Last prom. Senior prom. And during the prom I felt so much, getting into a fight and wanting to cry my eyes out but also ending the night dancing with an electric energy. It hurts to realize how fickle love can be. It is like a beautiful, vapid Hetty Sorrel who leaves one with nothing concrete to count for in the end. But the problem with this girl is her irresistible beauty. How can one turn down euphoria and passion and laughter and warmth?

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