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Hi guys! I’m excited to share a collaboration that I did with Tobi a while back. I am modeling their “Nothing Lasts Forever” romper. As I was scrolling their clothing, this romper immediately caught my eye. It’s a smooth polyester that feels like silk. The flowers are a fresh and bright print and it’s such a great addition to my closet! I paired it with Kate Spade “Imorana” heels, and a nylon bag with some patent accents. Me and Ed Tran headed to a park on a pretty day and snapped these shots- I love the outcome!

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Hi readers!! I have been having an absolute blast at college and I’m really appreciating my busy but fun-packed schedule. Lately, I have joined a dance off team (our performance is right before Thanksgiving!) The practices are so intense -most nights we practice from 7pm to 2am- but it’s totally worth it for the bonding and for the overall experience. Those who know me well or even just follow me on social media might now that intensive physical exercise isn’t the biggest part of my life. I prefer to exercise through activities such as walking, yoga, or occasional dance workshops. However, exercise is exercise nonetheless, and one of my  biggest motivations for going to the gym and getting active is looking the part! I’m very excited to share a recent sponsorship with Adidas and Her Campus. Photocreds to my friend Charlie Chang! Be sure to check out his facebook page as well and give it a like! :)

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It was a bittersweet end to my last days living in Palo Alto (for the time being.) It’s hard to leave knowing that it will never be quite the same home, even as the same love and memories exist there. Even familiar things can become quickly unfamiliar, and in my years ago many things will change. However, with this heart-tugging goodbye to my hometown behind me, I am so excited to embark on the next chapter of my life- college!

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September 12, 2015

amidst summer rain

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In our lives, there are a million beautiful instances that pass in a glimpse. Some of these beauties we anticipate, some we catch in the present, and some are only registered in retrospect. I observed so many moments like these in my two months traveling around Asia this summer. I was lucky to capture one of these moments in an (albeit scattered) , group of photographs. While visiting a sightseeing location in Taiwan on an incredibly hot day, out of nowhere it began to rain; a drizzle turned quickly into a down pouring.  I love when it rains in the summer. It might sound weird- it’s not one of those things that I would list if you asked me what I enjoyed.  Whenever it happens however, my brain scatters and drops everything, and my concentration pulls  to the occurrence around me.

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