November 26, 2014

Show and Tell

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Sweater H&M/ Dress F21/ Heels Guess

I met Ryan Chua last weekend and he is crazy cool! We had so much fun during our shoot, and stopped for different kinds of snacks in between. It was a great day and I love the outcome of the photos. He is definitely a photographer with an incredible amount of talent, the rave is real. I actually pulled “Show and Tell” from his Instagram caption of a post of this outfit …so the clever title credit goes to him in accordance to pic creds! He is so much fun to talk to, so fast and great at taking photos, and really follows his own passions. I am definitely visiting Ryan’s store, Betabrand, the next time I’m at Mission Street in San Francisco :) What a guy!

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Skirt Abercrombie/ Shoes Steve Madden/ Necklace Urban Gem

Teban flew down to San Francisco for a weekend. During our shoot, we wandered to a small park in Chinatown looking for a location to capture some great shots. Coming to this a quieter part of Chinatown, (with less influence from tourism-motivated minds)  had me feeling happy yet oddly nostalgic. Even after the shoot, I had a hard time shaking this feeling away.  In light of the Chinese culture which both shapes my identity and feeds me with a lifelong fascination towards my roots, and in light of my hopes to share with my readers some of the literature that I love, I decided to do something different a little with this post…

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November 22, 2014

Dear Mr. Mustache

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Tights Wraphilosophy/ Bracelet Angelic Spark/ Cardigan Choies

There are so many fun ways to dress up basic clothing pieces that can result in a multitude of different outfit outcomes! For example, in this outfit, I paired a simple white long sleeve shirt with a black pencil skirt. To spice things up, I threw on a deep red longline cardigan, adorable tights, and some jewelry with different tones and amounts of delicacy. This gave a simple outfit a more “put-together” look; I was ready to hit the stores at Santana Row wearing this.

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November 19, 2014

How I Curl my Hair

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Hair Curler Instawave / Sweater Uniqlo / Perfume Chanel Eau Fraiche

Hi readers! I’ve received a lot of hair-tutorial requests lately and question as to how I curl my hair. There are two methods I use at home to curl my hair. I use traditional hair curlers (I have one 1-inch barrel curler from Revlon, and another one from a beauty store in Shanghai). I also discovered a second method; recently I’ve been using KISS Instawave technology to curl my hair. I’ll be sharing my process and tips on curling (accumulated over many frustrating hair experiences) in this post! On a side note, I am trying to expand my blog by adding more beauty and lifestyle posts. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or post requests! Let’s begin :)

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