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Me and my best friends have thrown two successful brunches given a very short time notice and limited budget, so yes, we are officially qualified brunch-throwers. The most recent brunch that we threw was a girly, all-pink brunch for our best friend’s eighteenth birthday! We also got her a gift basket, and scrapbook along with this brunch. Anyway, with our new self-award “brunch queen” certificates, I present a how-to post on throwing a cute brunch! 

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March 17, 2015

Sakura Girl

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How silly

How it must have looked from her perspective… to see the nameless arrange pieces of a puzzle that didn’t fit; these pieces reflected no complete picture in the end. How silly

that they only expected her to dance when all people were watching, or when no one was watching at all. She realized suddenly that they must be the kinds who did not understand the most beautiful horses were the ones with no name; the silent moments were the best of all. It was strange to her, that people would talk and people would smile and people would just be yet all she could see were fleeting colors, captions of the underlying omnipresent messages which stood for nothing.

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March 15, 2015

Pink Chiffon

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Love this dress that Tobi gifted me as part of our collaboration so much!! You can see the original collaboration here.  I love the flowy pink chiffon and relaxed, playful vibe! This is me in a dress. These photos were actually taken a while ago (in Yosemite actually.) I had to pair some jeans under the dress because it was so cold out! I really enjoyed these photos because of the stunning natural backdrop!

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March 9, 2015

Black Cuts

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Shapewear Jewel Toned Major Mini / Shoes Adidas / Shirt Urban Outfitters

Here I am, trying shapewear for the first time! I’m excited to introduce you guys to Jeweltoned, a brand that you might have been seeing on your instagram feeds lately. Jeweltoned is an online company selling a line of shapewear, and it is home of the “major mini” dress, which I am modeling in this post. You can wear shapewear under your dresses to showcase a slimmer silhouette. You can also technically wear it on it’s own, but that depends on your style and the fit of the shapewear. How I look at a certain time can totally alter the way I carry myself and how I’m feeling; I’m sure this is something that almost everyone has experienced at some point. Some nights, I’m ready to kick it and have a blast, because I’m feeling great about how I look. In turn, I mentally allow myself to radiate happy vibes and bring energy to the scene. However, I have the nights where everything in my closet fits terribly, and I regret not stopping after that first donut that one time…

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