girl teddy bear curly hair outfit kawaii ulzzang

Bag TBDress/ Dress Shanghai Boutique/ Shoes DAPHNE/ Bracelet Pandora

(Photography credits to Ed Tran Photography! Like his photography page to stay tuned with all his lovely shoots)

Last Shanghai September outfit post! I’m sure you’ve read your fill of Shanghai rom all my posts of the past month…. ;) Until my next visit I guess!

This outfit is another style that might not be seen everywhere in America, but is definitely popular in Shanghai and other Asian cities! It is super girly, almost a spin off of “princess” style. I love light pinks, and this outfit is pink from head to toe!

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ally gong wei hui mian mian chinese novels books shanghai culture

One of my favorite hobbies is reading books! A lot of people might not know this about me, but I grew up reading all kinds of different novels. In the past few years, I’ve done a lot more exploration of translated cultural novels. Some of my favorite authors are Haruki Murakami, Wei Hui, and Ruth Ozeki.

I always spend a lot of time browsing through bookstores in Shanghai. On second thought, visiting local bookstores is a constant motif through out my travels, because I think there is almost no better place to read a book about a specific place for the first time than the city itself! Shanghai, like many other asian cities has a lot of various “bookstores” in the residential neighborhoods. However, these are actually more of student bookstores- selling mainly textbooks, workbooks, and stationary. Most of the bigger bookstores can be found in shopping districts and the upper levels of malls.


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ally gong china lake outfit girl asian polka dots

My cousins take me on road trips every time I go to Shanghai. We usually drive a few hours out to Chinese countryside tourist spots, like Hangzhou, Wuxi, or this summer “Qiandao Hu” (Lake of a Thousand Islands.) It is always so much fun because we play old Chinese music, stop for food breaks, and talk non stop on the drive there. When we get to the location, we’ll go hike and see beautiful views. At night, we’ll eat traditional Chinese foods, and play poker and watch movies in our hotel rooms for hours.

I love how refreshing it is to visit the countryside. I’m definitely a city girl, but I think beautiful natural scenes really speak out to everyone. I love moments where I’m sitting on the shore, looking at a clear lake spread out before me, feeling as if the world is empty and whispering to only my ears for a second. I think nature is so serene and beautiful that it can overpower human unhappiness for a moment.

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ally gong metro exotic leopard print outfit

Bag Vintage/ Shorts F21/ Kimono- Shanghai

( Cover photo credits to KirtEllert Photography, outfit photo credits to Ed Tran Photography) They are amazing photographers :’)

Here are some pieces picked right off the streets of Shanghai! I bought the leopard print kimono cape in a wholesale market. They sell this with all sorts of different patterns, like camo-print, stars, hearts and polka dots. I really liked the leopard print because I have a lot of black clothing it would look good with.

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