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Hey guys! If any has ever been in a classroom setting with you, you’ll know that I’m very into my accessories. This isn’t exclusive to fashion accessories, in fact, I devote a lot more time and energy to finding the perfect notebooks. pencil cases, planners, and phone cases! When I switched from my Moto X Android to an iPhone 5s, I felt overwhelmed by the new world of phone cases that had suddenly opened in my horizon. Thankfully for me, Caseapp sent me a phonewarming present: a customized iphone case! I love the idea of customized phone cases so much that it actually became one of my company pitches at an entrepreneurship camp I attended last summer at Babson. I think in our increasingly technological and impersonal world, it is important to put in some personal touches whenever we can. Life is all about the little moments and things that you see here and there and stick to your mind; why not spice up the scene with an adorable phone case? And so, my “No Dream too Small”  phone case was born!

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January 16, 2015


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Shirt Forever 21/ Cardigan Charlotte Russe/ Jeans Hollister / Bag Tiganello

This is one recreation of my favorite outfits from freshmen year. ( Ancient Youtube video here!) I was really into the whole Japanese fashion scene after my second trip to Japan, where I did a ton of people watching, doodling, and shopping in the Harajuku and Shibuya districts. Although it might not show through as much in my style now :( , I have been a Japanophile for as long as I can remember!  If you want some hilarious entertainment, I actually recreated some looks from pages of my Japanese magazines and photoshopped me and my friend Tiffany into the pictures on some old blog posts! Here is the link to the first post and the second postIn case you are wondering, “Kitsune”, the title of this post, means fox in Japanese. I picked this phrase because I think the leopard scarf and sharp makeup give this outfit a somewhat fox-y feel! (Photos by Ed Tran.)

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January 14, 2015

Daytime Downtown

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Sweater Urban Outfitters / Skirt F21 / Necklace F21

This post is actually from ages ago!! Almost the beginning of the semester, which is a good number of months back.  I wanted to post it because I finally got around to making a Youtube video on this outfit, which I had shot some film for. This skirt was one of my go-tos for a few months because it is so easy to pair and has the cutest print. Polka dots for the win. :) My dad bought me this handmade leather bag as a souvenir from one of his trips to New York. He got my sister a leather journal with the same print. So adorable. <3 I love strolling down University Avenue during the day, and stopping along the various stores on the side to get cute sweets.  As you can see in my video, I ended up getting two different types of ice cream!

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January 9, 2015

With Love

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Dress Tmart / Tights Gap / Heels Forever 21

I was learning about the economics involved in historical pigeon-overcrowding in Trafalgar Square last Tuesday morning. Who would’ve expected that just a few days later,  Trafalgar Square would become home to vigils for Charlie Hebdo, its contributers, and its editor. In retrospect, my in-class introduction to Trafalgar seems like an eerie foreshadowing, or at the very least a biting coincidence. Every person lives through a set of international tragedies in their time that shake the world. Through these events, we learn more than just how we should adjust systems. We learn (exemplified by citizens, cartoon artists, and Charlie’s supporters around the world) that people stand in solidarity.

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