July 6, 2015

DIOR, DDP, Seoul

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Visited the Dior exhibition today in the dongdaemun design plaza today. It was a totally beautiful and exhilarating experience. To avoid pretenses, I wouldn’t label myself a museum lover. Going to an art exhibition or museum definitely wouldn’t be the first idea to cross my mind on a given free day. However, I can sincerely say that I’ve never been disappointed in any museum or exhibition visit in these past few years, especially those related to art or fashion. I think art is innately appealing, it is so sensory, human, raw ; it always invokes a stir from within. Maybe it’s triggered by enormous, deafening respect, maybe it’s inspiration- most likely a congregation of both.

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June 11, 2015

Taipei, Taiwan

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Greetings from Taiwan!

This is my first time going to Taiwan, and it’s lived up to the high expectations I had-but even surpassed it in many unanticipated ways. I am shocked by a sense of unanticipated simplicity, I expected more of a hustling metropolitan throughout many parts of Taipei. But most surprising is my appreciation for what Taiwan is; I feel refreshed and peaceful. I put in my earphones. The lighthearted reggae or the occasional pop song that plays enhances the drive through the Taipei highways with its unexpectedly pleasant juxtaposition. When I close my eyes the colors still rush through my eyelids, like bits of construction paper melting in a puddle.

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June 6, 2015

The Next Four

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I’ve taken a delay in updating about my personal life, because that same personal life has kept me so wrapped up lately in its ups-and-downs. The biggest news that I have is an announcement of where I will be for the next four years. I’m very happy and proud to announce that I will be attending UCLA for college with a major in business economics.

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May 14, 2015


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Ally Gong Fashion Blogger Photography by Ryan Chua-3189_

Glasses FREYRS // Maxidress F21 // Satchel Yesstyle

Me and Ryan Chua paused outside a small Chanel shop on the outskirts of Union Square to snap a few of these outfit pictures. This style is a little different from what I normally wear, and draws from a few different inspirations. I’ve been dabbling in more basic, neutral colored clothing pieces. This dress fits into that category; it’s got a simple shape and the fabric is a standard dark gray. I do always like to throw in a few eccentric touches every once in a while, so I accessorized with a black choker (which I rarely wear), big glasses, and a Japanese schoolbag. Of course we can’t forget the socks with heels! ;)

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